Private Tours and Excursions

Apart from regular excursion, it is possible to visit any location in Bay of Boka Kotorska in private arrangements. We recommend rent a boat for 2-3 hours, as well as for half or even for whole day. The price depends on the number of people or the duration of excursion.
Before you decide check out our boats! We meet our guests on any point from Igalo to Kumbor.

Destinations Suggestions:
Žanjic is placed on peninsula Luštica, on the open sea. It’s four nautical miles far from Herceg Novi. Special features of this beach is pure nature and cristal clear water. There are also olive trees near the beach that provide shade during the hot days in the summer.

With surface area of 300m2 Blue Cave is one of the biggest and the most beautiful caves in the Adriatic Sea. It is three-four meters deep and from the sea level to the ceiling it is nine meters high. It’s called The Blue Cave because the way the light hits the sandy bottom and reflects up trough the water, makes the whole cave looks blue.

Mamula (Swallow) is a little island placed at the entry of Boka Bay. It has round shape (200m diameter) and 80% of the island is occupied by the fort that was built in the middle of XIX century. During World War I and World War II the fort was the notorious prison.

Perast lies beneath the St. Ilija’s hill, opposite of Verige strait. Perast is the oldest town in bay of Boka Kotorska. It has numerous cultural and historical monuments among which is the St. Nikola’s church, with impressive belfry (55m height).

Kotor is placed in one of the deepest and narrowest bays in Adriatic Sea – Bay of Kotor, that is often called the southest fiord in Europe. The town is surrounded by the mountain slopes of Orjen and Lovćen and it represents one of the most magnificent areas on Mediterranean, that is the reason Kotor is protected by UNESCO.

Lady Of The Rock is an artificial island made at the end of XV century and placed in front of Perast. It has a surface area of 3000m2 and there is a catholic church Lady Of The Rock – one of the most important cultural and historical monuments in Boka Kotorska.

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